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Chemlink’s microbead alternatives

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Recently, the beads often used in personal care washes and skin cleaners have been banned from use in the USA, with a manufacturing ban due to take effect in the Spring of 2017. These beads are generally based on Polyethylene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP), both of which are not readily biodegradable and have demonstrated bioaccumulation in marine environments.

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Alternatives to Cyclomethicones (D5)

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Recently there has been concern about the toxicity of the Cyclomethicone D5 (Cylcopentasilicone), which provides a silky, dry feel to skin care formulations. Due to these concerns there has been new opinion published by the SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety) in March 2015.

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Going Paraben free? The new Nipaguard Range

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In recent years, there has been a massive increase in consumers who look to move away from paraben preserved products. Clariant seized the opportunity to look into creating a range of paraben free preservatives for personal care formulations and came up with the Nipaguard Zero range, a range with scope for formulators. This range offers a broad spectrum preservation, without the use of halogens or formaldehyde.

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REACH: Regulation 1907/2006/EC

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Chemlink Specialities are fully aware of REACH and its implications, and are committed to meeting our legal obligations, as a distributor for our suppliers.
(Rhodia , Clariant, Air Products , ICT and Vitec to name but a few). Throughout the Pre Registration phase, we have been in close contact with our manufacturing suppliers responsible for the Registration processes mandatory to the legislation.

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